Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool

Mon, Sep 19, 2011

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Thirty-year-old Jhamak Kumari Ghimire gives true meaning to the expression differently-abled. Born with cerebral palsy, a group disorder that affects the functions of the brain and the nervous system, Ghimire uses her toes to create literary pieces.

One such piece is her widely acclaimed anthology of autobiographical essays Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool for which she has been awarded this year´s Mandan Puraskar, Nepal´s most prestigious literary award.

Born in a village in Dhankuta, Ghimire taught herself to read and write using her feet by hearing her sister study, and in her book mentions the first time she wrote the alphabet “Ka” on the ground with the help of a stick as the happiest day of her life.

Misunderstood by her family for a long time, Ghimire was often reprimanded for her efforts of learning by her parents, she mentions receiving a beating for writing on the ground as superstition has it that it brings bad luck.

Ghimire´s determination to learn and express herself breaks almost all physical barriers that she has had to cross. Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool is an insight into the hard life she has had to live for the past thirty years, her determination to be independent despite all odds and her constant fight to overcome all form of adversities.

Ghimire, who along with cerebral palsy also suffers from severe myopia, today earns enough from her books and articles to support herself and her family.

13 Responses to “Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool”

  1. urusha joshi says:

    its a nice book….

  2. krishna prasasd gyawali says:

    it’s not easy to find out whether life is flower or thorn status, seriousness and situation affects on it…….
    we should learn from it whenever we are sad and think we can not do anything in our life and so on……….

  3. Nipesh Adhikari, Germany says:

    I am reading this book now. “Jeevan kanda ki” phool is an insight into the hard life of Jakamk, while I read this book i know the value of this life and I agrre jeevn is both Phool and Kanda.

  4. dasharath bhandari says:

    this book is marvelous.

  5. sagar shrestha says:

    i just got to know that this book is so nice and have a meaning of life m going to read it soon as i finish another

  6. jiwam Neupane says:

    Once i finished it by reading but not fulfilled.

  7. gopal maharjan says:

    actual meaning of life drawn by her in this book. Life is full of both sadness and happiness but life depends on how we tackle it.

  8. aniylisha says:

    life is undefinable

  9. simran yolmo says:

    “jeewan kada ki ful” it has earned it’s name and fame .but there are lots of jhamak kumari we may or may not know .
    every one”s got a talent and every one has a born hero inside them but no one is known until they are faced in spot lights . being optimistics to all of those .
    I feel quite depressed when i hear a sad story but thats definately not the ending .
    learning in life is boundless . . and its never the end of yours road if you quit you may never know to carve yours own path . :)

  10. KSHITIZ says:


  11. sabnam says:

    Her life is immense source of inspiration for all.
    I salute her courage and determination.This book makes everyone realize that its important what they do and contribute for their society and nation and make their life meaningful by what they have.

  12. kajol thapa says:

    very inspiring…
    got tear while reading the novel
    even though being through lots of physical n mental trauma she’s got a sparkling smile on her face… inspiring

  13. It’s a great book.. Very inspirational… I learned the meaning of life! I learned to never give up. We need to handle every circumstance of your life! Wethear it’s hard or easy.

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